( Paint cure) ( Concrete drying) ( Area warming)
INFRARED wall mount heaters . Standard heating supply in booths :30-40minute bake time . INFRARED can bring drying times down considerably by adding more Infrared units . INFRARED are not ambient temperature related . They do not heat the entire booth area up prior to baking . Baking starts instantly at switch on .Baking is from the inside of unit painted to outside . Older ambient temp heaters (gas, diesel) heat the area first, then bake from outer painted area to inner item .

  • Single wall mounts – 1000watt / 1500watt
  • Double wall mounts – 2 x 1000watt / 2 x 1500watt
  • Triple wall mounts – 3 x 1000watt / 3 x 1500watt
  • Portable units . single head / double head /triple head /6 head . New cassette type units .
  • Drying tunnels designed and manufactured on request . For high volume ,high production & fast drying requirements .